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Mission Statement
The Historical & Museum Society supports the Parris Island Museum by providing for the preservation, perpetuation, publication and display of manuscripts, books, relics, pictures and other objects of historical significance; conducts community outreach and educational programs; solicits donations to support these programs; and operates the Gift Shop.
History of the Society
The Historical and Museum Society (PIHMS) was established in 1990 under Marine Corps Order 5750.1, “Command Museums,” as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable and Membership organization to support the Parris Island Museum. The Letter of Incorporation and By Laws were approved by South Carolina Secretary of State, and the Depots’s Commanding General authorized the operation of the gift shop shortly thereafter. In accordance with South Carolina State Law, the good standing as a non-profit organization and its latest tax forms are published for public review.
Since its inception, the Society and the Museum have had a profitable relationship, with Society members having the satisfaction of contributing to the legacy of the Marine Corps in a meaningful way. The Command has enjoyed gifts and services donated to the museum by the Society thanks to donations and memberships.
What has the Society done for the Command Museum?
Some of the support provided by the Society include: Purchase of computers, printers, scanners and digital cameras; renovation of displays including track lighting, painting, sound systems, display panels and glass cases; repairs to climate control systems; purchase of artifact storage systems; repairs and renovations to the historical trail; installation of the museum elevator; purchase of paintings, sculptures and artifacts; providing a graphic artist on contract to the museum staff to design upgrades; purchase of electronic kiosks; scholarships; funding guest speakers for the Depot professional military education program; sponsoring tours and volunteers to promote for the understanding of Marine Corps and Parris Island history; and funding the Living History Detachment which provides classes to the Marine recruits and the general public.

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